January 1, 2016


New Age Spa’s Ideology
I want to redefine the massage/spa industry. Receiving a massage shouldn’t be a commodity; it’s a service that should be given more frequently, similar to a haircut from your stylist or a teeth cleaning from your dentist. My prices are set low so my clients are given the ability to come in more often and have affordable regular sessions. I believe other spas charge so much because they want you to pay for a false peace of mind, rather than a quality service. New Age Spa is here to remove the negative stigma that caring for your body is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Justin Peters
Owner of New Age Spa
Licensed Esthetician (10 Years)
Licensed Massage Therapist (3 Years)

Yoga & Massage
Receiving a massage before your yoga session can increase the warmth and stretch of your muscles in order to hold your pose longer.

Massage can increase circulation, giving you the ability to remain focused on your yoga pose.

Massage has the ability to relieve sore or strained muscles; letting you perform your best without discomfort.

Transcend into a deeper more tranquil experience with a massage after a yoga session.

How Can Massage Therapy Help You?
The concept behind massage is to receive a session that concentrates on facilitated healing of the body, then to create physical homeostasis of the muscular structure.

When massage is performed properly it will provide relief that is lasting. Multiple modalities are incorporated to improve:
–       your circulation
–       detoxify your body
–       enhance muscle tone
–       relieve muscle tension
–       improve your digestion
–       increase mental alertness
–       repair damaged muscle tissue
–       alleviate pain throughout your body
–       reverse the negative effects of stress

When a client remains consistent with their therapy sessions and listens to their body.* Most individuals remain virtually pain free for years with regular massage sessions.

Massage therapy allows for a renewed sense of energy and emotional well-being. Experience mental and spiritual healing as stress and worry dissolve.

*If it starts to ache, it’s time to come back.